What is Canugo?(can-u-go)

Put simply - The easiest way to find reliable, cost-effective & professional temporary workers in the UK.

So basically, we are here to help drive your business forwards.

Frustrated with the archaic agency model on offer for businesses to find temporary drivers/workers, our founders, recognised that the industry was desperate for technology to modernise it.

It took a year to build Canugo, following which, it very rapidly sparked the interest of many experienced transport managers and business owners, all of whom are huge fan.

But why not stick with your current agency?

We have a passion and track record for building businesses and understand the transport sector and its needs. We have tech and opperations backgrounds, and have thrown all our efforts into building Canugo into the leader of the temporary driver sector.

We love talking to our customers and drivers, so please be in touch any time.